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What the Flour Mix x 6What the Flour is a community of baking enthusiasts, health-conscious eaters, and advocates for a more inclusive and sustainable world.

Their journey began with the simple question, “How can we make delicious, gluten-free, and vegan baked goods accessible to everyone, regardless of their dietary restrictions or choices?” 

Committed to simple ingredients and simple recipes, What the Flour Mixes are created from gluten-free, ancient grains sorghum & millet and are non-GMO, vegan, rice-free, corn-free & peanut-free.

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Quality is at the heart of everything that What the Flour does. From sourcing the finest ingredients to rigorous testing, they ensure that every bag of What the Flour mix meets the highest standards. Learn more here

WTF Waffle & Pancake MixWTF Pancake + Waffle Mix
Makes 5-10 pancakes/waffles
Gluten-Free • Peanut-Free • Rice-Free

Seasonal – WTF Pumpkin Spice Waffle + Pancake Mix

What the Flour Choc Chip Cookie Mix Wp]P copyWTF  Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
All you need besides your bag of mix is an egg and some milk of your choice.
Gluten-Free • Peanut-Free • Rice-Free

What the Flour Oat Muffin Mix copyWTF Oat Muffin Mix

Gluten-Free • Peanut-Free • Rice-Free

WTF Flour Blend

Gluten-Free • Peanut-Free • Rice-Free