Tameet 100% Gluten-Free Eritrean-Ethiopian Food Truck

Tameet GF Food Truck 8 wpMeet Tameet!  Vancouver Island’s one and only Eritrean-Ethiopian Food Truck! 100% Gluten Free!

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Look for Tameet at Rib Fest!
A 3-day Food & Music Festival for people of all ages at Cumberland Village Park. Event Details …
Look for Tameet’s eye catching food truck for a gluten-free, vegan / vegetarian alternative to the carnage!

  • Entry by donation in support Strathcona Sunrise Rotary Club‘s local Accessible Bike Park Project.. Friday, August 25th to Sunday, August 27.
  • Friday 12-9pm • Saturday 11-9pm • Sunday 11-7pm.  Instagram

Tameet GF Food Truck 5Injera, a staple of Eritrean-Ethiopian food, is a fermented pancake-like flatbread with a slightly spongy texture. Think moist & flexible on a scale that our community rarely encounters.  Injera is made with just two ingredients – teff flour and water.

Barley is often added to inherently gluten-free teff flour to save costs, however Tameet has elected to forego any savings in order to ensure that their food truck operation is authentic AND 100% celiac safe. Tameet sources its spices from single ingredient processors in Ethiopia – no gluten on site.

In some stretches of time where supply falls short, teff flour processed in a facility that also processes barley may also be used. Tameet will make sure the community is aware of the change in supplies until celiac safe teff arrives.

Tameet speaks our language!

Tameet GF Food Truck 1 igMore about Injera!

A teff and water sourdough starter is fermented for 2 days before it is called into action! Like any sourdough, Tameet keeps its ‘starter’ alive and well, setting aside enough for each future batch. Teff flour is added to the starter to create a dough that is then cooked in a large, flat pan. The result a thin, crepe-like ‘tortilla.’ On its own, injera offers a strong, flavourful sour bread. Paired with the Tameet’s rich sauces, they offer a delicious nutritional meal,  high in protein, dietary fibre and iron.

Onion and tomatoes form the foundation of Eritrean-Ethiopian food. From there, Tameet offers six slow simmered, flavourful sauces  & stews to go with their delicious injera.  Enjoy a rotation of beef, lamb, chicken and on special occasions, goat!

With every respect and consideration, Tameet takes care to offer 4 vegan alternatives within the confines of their kitchen. Scroll down for menu.

Tameet GF Food Truck 6Tameet’s Back Story

To say that founder Adem’s food truck trajectory is heaven sent is an understatement. The son of an impoverished family in war-torn Eritrea, his parents invested the sum of their resources in their children’s education.

Husband and wife teachers from Cranbrook, BC who happened to teach at Adem’s school in Eritrea, saw something that moved them to sponsor him to come to Canada. Adem made the most of this amazing opportunity, upgrading his high school and going on to gain a professional status as an engineer.

In a serendipitous coincidence for our community, the gluten-free planets aligned!

  • a current colleague of his also has celiac disease, as does her daughter
  • Adem’s partner, Julianna, has a family member with the diagnosis

As a result, Adem has a deep and personal understanding of the challenges that celiacs face in enjoying safe and delicious food. His entrepreneurial spirit,  coupled with the support of his siblings, partner and her family, his food truck now employs the sister and brother who have joined him here.

Tameet 100% Gluten-Free Eritrean-Ethiopian Food Truck is here to serve our community at farmer’s markets, food truck meet ups and festivals in the Comox region and beyond.

Available for special events!  Contact tameetfoodtruck@outlook.com

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