Gluten-Free News on Vancouver Island

We are plugged in to bring you the latest gluten-free news on Vancouver Island posted whenever we have something to report!

granola girl not gluten free

CAUTION: Regular Oats Allowed to Bear Wheat-Free Label

gluten free fried rice

Tropical Island Right Here in Victoria!

gluten free baking

Shopping While Hungry at Planet Organic

gluten free fig newtons

The Final Frontier – Gluten-Free Figgies!

More Starbucks Gluten-Free Treats Offered

red robin seasoning

Red Robin gluten-free seasoning?


Final Year for Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease

ubc okanagan logo

Researchers Seek Diagnosed Celiacs Aged 12-17

Heinz gluten-free product list

A member recently received this email: Thank you for visiting our website. As per your inquiry, we can assure you that our Heinz Ketchup is gluten-free in Canada. Also, please note that we would be pleased to mail to your home address a copy of our HEINZ ALLERGENIC & SENSITIVE  INGREDIENT DOCUMENT. We trust this […]