Now that you know that Royal Nuts are gluten free …

You may be asking yourself, “Aren’t all nuts gluten free?” We’re sorry to say, “Not necessarily.’

Through processing,  typically wheat starch or gluten based starch is added to thicken solution to stick better to the nuts – this even applies to salt!

Royal Nuts’ ensure that their nuts are gluten free – they avoid the use of any gluten-based thickening solutions.

Royal Nuts 300 x 250More than that, Royal Nuts specially dry roast all of their nuts to keep them true to form. They even institute a rigorous cleaning routine to make sure their products are not cross contaminated with the other nuts they process.

Once they roast or pack a certain item, they use all natural cleaning supplies along with hot water to clean roasters and packaging machines after every run. For example, if they cook almonds for 5 hours, they will clean the machines to switch to cashews. And not only does Royal Nuts take gluten-free seriously, they take peanut allergies seriously.

Now that you have finally found a source of  gluten-free nuts, lets get busy!
Here are a couple of Royal Nuts’ best recipe suggestions!


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spicy-cashew-nuts-gluten free

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