Gluten-Free Living with Ellen Bayens, The Celiac Scene | Voice 4 Chefs Podcast

Ellen Car 2 wp copyEllen Bayens shares her powerful journey of living with celiac disease and how her experiences have fueled her passion for advocacy and awareness.

From her family’s immigrant history to her mother’s undiagnosed struggles and her own accidental discovery of her diagnosis, Ellen sheds light on the challenges and importance of early detection.

Join us as we delve into her story of resilience and determination to make life easier for those affected by celiac disease.


Ellen shares her expertise, tips, and strategies for dining out safely and to celebrate this special day. Whether you’re a seasoned celiac or just starting your gluten-free journey, this episode is not to be missed!

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Key Points

  • The impact of World War II on her mother’s health and diet
  • Read “My Mother’s Long & Winding Road to Diagnosis.”
  • Undiagnosed celiac disease: A story of struggle and perseverance
  • Discovering the diagnosis: Ellen’s journey to self-awareness
  • Advocacy and raising awareness: Ellen’s mission to help others
  • The challenges of living a gluten-free lifestyle and the need for support
  • Gain insights into the evolution of gluten-free dining and the role of chefs and restaurants in catering to the needs of individuals with celiac disease.
  • Explore the intersection of culinary artistry and dietary restrictions, as chefs like David Wong of Six Mile Pub redefine the boundaries of gluten-free cuisine.
  • Learn about the rise of dedicated gluten-free establishments and how they contribute to the inclusivity and accessibility of dining experiences for those with gluten sensitivities.


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