Grimm’s Fine Foods Savoury Gluten-Free Bread Pudding Recipe

Grimm’s Fine Foods and Glutenull Bakery have teamed up to create a recipe to serve your gluten-free loved ones on Valentine’s Day, holidays, weekends or special occasions. This Savoury Bread Pudding with Chorizo Sausage serves 8-10.  All the prep work can be done ahead of time so you can enjoy the morning, hassle free. Just pop in the oven for an hour when ready.

Bread pudding can be adapted to be sweet or savoury and especially for us, gluten-free! Grimm’s went with savoury and used their Fresh Chorizo Sausage, vegetables, cheese and a baguette. To make it gluten-free, we are suggesting Glutenull’s family of Amaranth, Brown Rice, Quinoa or Buckwheat Breads. All of Glutenull’s products are certified gluten-free, organic, vegan and nonGMO.

Grimm’s sausages allow for a lot of versatility. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re made with 100% Verified Canadian Pork Raised without the use of antibiotics, leave very little grease in the pan and of course, are gluten, lactose and soy free like all of their meat products.

Grimms Glutenull Savory Bread Pudding Recipe wpThe sausage and vegetables are cooked ahead of time before putting the whole mixture into the oven. Grimms took the sausages out of their casing and crumbled the meat, but you are also welcome to leave the casings on and chop the sausages into small pieces.

Cook these in a large frying pan over medium heat until golden brown. Remove and reuse the pan to fry 1 chopped onion and then add in 4 cups of spinach, cook until wilted.

In a large bowl, beat eggs with milk, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper. Mix in cheeses, bread, cooked sausage and spinach mixture and cherry tomatoes. Pour everything into a deep buttered pan.

You can stop here if you’re just doing the prep work, cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge until you’re ready to cook or even overnight. Place in the oven and cook at 350°F for one hour until cooked thoroughly. Let sit for 5 minutes and serve. You’ll enjoy breakfast or lunch like a king or queen.

For the full recipe visit Grimm’s Recipe Page

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