Marvelous Muffins by Everyday Gluten Free Gourmet

gluten free muffin round wpThese recipes are my long-time favourites that were originally made with wheat flour. I was surprised to notice that I have been making every one of these recipes for more than twenty years.

By using a seasonal ingredients when they are at their peak, they taste like they were meant to taste. Over time, you’ll learn that citrus season is at the beginning of the year, raspberries are at their peak in July and apples are falling off the trees in September.

photo credit, Jim Little

  • Cinde Little writes the Everyday Gluten Free Gourmet food blog and teaches cooking classes in Calgary, Alberta. She became interested in gluten free cooking in 2009 after a friend was diagnosed with celiac disease. Food restrictions are real and learning to accommodate them is an important skill. As a passionate home cook, Cinde encourages everyone to just get in the kitchen and cook!

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Banana Muffins

I make banana muffins any time of year but in the dead of winter bananas are often on my kitchen counter and I make these.

See the recipe here …

banana bundt cakeBanana Bundt Cake with Chocolate Glaze

Sometimes I double the Banana Muffin recipe and make this Banana Bundt Cake.

See the recipe here …

rhubarb-streusel-muffinsRhubarb Streusel Muffins

Rhubarb grows in gardens everywhere in spring and Canadians like to cook with it.

See the recipe here …

rhubarb coffee cakeRhubarb Coffee Cake

Here is a cake version based on the above recipe.

See the recipe here …

muffins that taste like donutsMuffins That Taste Like Donuts

This is when people start talking about Amusement Park Food and ‘Those Little Donuts’ covered in cinnamon-sugar. These remind me of the donut holes my grandmother used to make, I think I might try deep frying them and see what happens.

See the recipe here …

cornmeal raspberry mufCornmeal Raspberry Muffins

I pick raspberries from my garden to make these muffins in the summer. In the winter I do a savoury version with cheddar cheese, bacon, jalapenos or jalapeno jelly. So many options.

See the recipe here …

morning-glory-muffinsMorning Glory Muffins

Toward the end of summer when I have carrots in my garden and apples are everywhere I make Morning Glory Muffins. 

See the recipe here …

pumpkin-ginger-muffinsPumpkin Ginger Muffins

When pumpkin season takes over, I make these delicious Pumpkin Ginger Muffins.

See the recipe here …

cranberry-orange-muffinsCranberry Orange Muffins

The arrival of Mandarin oranges marks the beginning of citrus season. Cranberries are also plentiful so I make these muffins right through until the end of January. With a little tweaking of the recipe this makes a fabulous bundt cake.

See recipe here …

Professional bakers and connoisseurs will argue that muffins and cake are not the same. Technically I agree, but as an everyday cook, I like to make recipes that work and repeat the ones that taste great. You can vary them all to suit your taste and call them whatever you like. View all muffin recipes here!

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Everyday Gluten Free Gourmet Flour Mix

Everyday Gluten Free Gourmet’s Favourite Flour Mix – photo credit, Jim Little