There’s a New Nut in Town!

For what seemed like forever, celiacs were challenged to find truly gluten-free nuts. i.e. nuts that had not been inadvertently cross-contaminated with gluten at field level, at a processing facility, in packing plants or during co-packing. 

Now it seems we have plenty of gluten-free nuts to choose from on Vancouver Island – and many are organic, sulfite-free, raw, roasted or seasoned. One is even peanut-free! Our thanks to Thrifty Foods for bringing Royal Nuts from Ontario to the best West Coast!

 gluten-free peanut-free nuts

“Since peanuts are distinct from tree nuts, our product line can be safely consumed by anyone suffering from a peanut allergy alone. This also means that our mixed nuts are just that, without peanuts added as filler. Nuts are naturally gluten free; it’s in their processing that they may come into contact with gluten. At Royal Nuts, we guarantee that none of our dry-roasting or processing machinery is contaminated with gluten so you can safely enjoy all of our nuts and dried fruit. Our products are also preservative free and certified Kosher.”

Royal Nuts have been sighted at Thrifty Foods! Our thanks to Shirley for these images.

gluten free nuts 3gluten free nuts 2

Yours Organically gluten-free nuts have been appearing at Walmart and Quality Foods locations on Vancouver Island. The Celiac Scene has not been able to find a corresponding website with additional information. If you do, please let us know. It is possible to order this brand through Walmart’s online portal. Our thanks to Kathleen for these images!

gluten free nuts 1gluten free nuts 4

gluten free Prana is a Canadian brand out of Quebec that is available in local stores and for purchase online. “All our products are certified organic, kosher, vegan, gluten-free, gmo-free, preservative-free, sulfite-free and, above all, free of compromise,” according Prana.

gluten free nuts elan, also from Quebec is available in local stores and for purchase online. “We guarantee our products are sulfite-free, gluten-free, organic, and without GMOs.”

 gluten free nuts Gone NutsGone Nuts by Living Intentions is a California brand available in local stores and for purchase online. Living Intentions commits to ‘sprouted, raw, gluten-free and vegan.’ Some retailers offer these quality products in their bulk bins but be advised, are Bulk Bins – Safe for Celiacs?

gluten free nuts.comIt is possible to order certified gluten-free nuts in bulk quantities through but shipping can be expensive on top of the currently steep CAN/US exchange rates.

  • What about nuts  that do not mention wheat in the ‘May Contain’ warning?
  • Can they be considered gluten free?

Canadian Celiac AssociationSue Newell, Canadian Celiac Association (CCA) responds:

The CCA suggests that consumers looks at risk categories when they are making choices. Some ingredients are inherently prone to gluten contamination because of their growing and processing conditions. Grains, seed, pulses and ‘nuts’ seem to fit in that category. We recommend that consumers look for a gluten-free claim from the manufacturer on products in that category.

Health Canada has made clear recommendations for May Contain warnings, but they are just recommendations. If food manufacturers are making a gluten free claim, they need to have positive evidence (not just a lack of warning) that the ingredients they are using are GF.”

Our thanks to Sue!