Red Robin’s All-Natural Seasoning Officially Gluten Free

Over the years, celiacs have received mixed messages from servers on the gluten-free status of Red Robin’s Gourmet Seasoning. Some said it was gluten-free, some said it was not.

The Celiac Scene contacted Red Robin and the news is good! Nicole Jones, Red Robin’s Quality & Commercialization Manager is very pleased to announce:

“Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Red’s All Natural Seasoning that is used in Red Robin restaurants in the U.S. and Canada. We recently began the transition to a formulation for the seasoning that is gluten-free as part of our ongoing efforts to offer our Guests allergen-free food and beverage options. Our specifications for the seasoning include the requirement that our supplier test each production run of the seasoning to ensure it meets U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada Food and Drug Regulation gluten-free standards. The new seasoning, which complies with gluten-free standards in the U.S. and Canada, is now in our restaurant supply chain, so any Red’s All Natural Seasoning that is ordered by our U.S. and Canada restaurants in the future will comply with government gluten-free standards. As this transition continues and our restaurants replenish their supplies of the seasoning, we estimate that by April of 2018 all of the Red’s seasoning in our U.S. and Canada restaurants will meet government gluten-free standards. Thank you again for your interest and feedback.”

red robin customizer menu

photo credit, New York Time

Red Robin’s new Gluten-Free All-Natural Seasoning will make a wonderful complement to the great gluten-free service that celiacs and their families receive.

It starts with ordering your meal via i-pad. Simply let your server know that you require a meal that is recommended for guests avoiding gluten and they will pull up an interactive Customizer Menu that caters to your precise needs. Choose from a comprehensive menu of safe options!

Red Robin Allergy ProtocolKitchen staff will be notified or your requirements, and this will prompt them to use a ‘Red Robin Allergy Kit’ to create your order. Your ‘bottomless’ fries will be cooked in a dedicated fryer that is free of wheat and gluten ingredients. You’ll know your order has been prepared as per your request when it arrives with Red Robin’s signature ‘Purple Toothpick!

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