Rice Wraps Make Fresh – and Fun – Celiac Sammies!

The Celiac Scene’s recent post ‘Gluten-Free Wontons? Egg Rolls? Potstickers? Dumplings? Eureka! Gluten-Free Pasta Paradise Exists!‘ prompted Paula to inquire about ‘Rice Wraps’ as a gluten-free sandwich substitute. Hanna Kofman, of Sante Gluten-Free Cafe in Victoria, BC invited us to her home to teach us just how easy – and fun – it is to make this fresh, celiac sammy!

Rice wraps

Find rice paper in the Asian section of most grocery stores

Rice wraps 3

Set up an assembly line that includes your favorite salad fixings

Rice wraps

Gently submerge wrap in a wide bowl of lukewarm water for 1-2 minutes until it becomes translucent and pliable.

Rice wraps 4

Support wrap with both hands as you lift it gently out of the water – very slippery. Instead of a plate, consider a clean tea towel as your prep surface to absorb excess water

Rice wraps

Swaddle contents tight, like a baby. Easiest with large-sized wraps. You’ll soon develop a technique!

Rice wraps 6

Enjoy with your favorite gluten-free dipping sauce – and beverage of choice!


Click on image to learn more about Victoria’a first and only 100% gluten-free cafe!