Total Prepare Brings in Gluten-Free Backpacker’s Pantry

Backpacker’s Pantry is the world’s foremost producer of freeze-dried meals, bringing inspired cuisine to the furthest reaches of our planet. Used by backpackers, sailors, extreme athletes, explorers, the military, hunters, campers, vegans and even the US Ski Team, Backpacker’s Pantry has added gluten-free to their line up of delicious meals. Tested to a 20 ppm threshold and with a certified gluten-free seal on the front of the packaging, all are easy to prepare in a cook-in-pouch. Learn more here.

backpackers-pantry-shepherds-pie-with-beef-pouchBackpacker’s Pantry – Shepherd’s Pie with Beef

  • Looking high and low for a filling gluten free comfort food that will stay with you throughout the day? Try the Shepherd’s Potato Stew with Beef from Backpacker’s Pantry! Packed with all-natural ingredients and real freeze dried beef this is a family favourite for all ages. Solid meat protein and hearty, feel-good potatoes make up the bulk of this meal, and are complimented by tomato, onion, cheese, and butter.

backpackers-pantry-santa-fe-style-chicken-with-rice-pouchBackpacker’s Pantry – Santa Fe Style Chicken with Rice

  • Send your taste buds south of the border to enjoy the full tastes of this Santa Fe Rice with Chicken. Full of fresh flavour this entrée option is packed with protein and real, all-natural ingredients. Bring a fresh avocado on your adventure to dice on top! Yum!

backpackers-pantry-pad-thai-pouchBackpacker’s Pantry – Pad Thai

  • A best seller from Backpacker’s Pantry, this Vegan Pad Thai is high protein and comes with optional lime & siracha sauce so you can spice it up to suit your tastes. The protein in this meal comes from organic non-GMO textured soy. Dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan!

backpackers-pantry-chicken-cashew-curry-pouchBackpacker’s Pantry – Chicken Cashew Curry

  • Take this easy to prepare cook-in-pouch meal with you whether you’re bugging out or hitting the trail. Packed with real chicken, cashews, onions, mushrooms, and celery, this meal is full of excellent healthy calories, fats, and protein that will stick with you throughout your trails and adventures.

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Legacy gluten free mealsTOTAL PREPARE Goes Gluten Free 

In the event of a disaster, we may not be able to depend on outside agencies to supply us with food, let alone gluten-free food, for up to seven days – or more. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your family, especially those with special dietary requirements, will have the food they need to survive. Their  Legacy brand of certified gluten-free gourmet entrée options have been designed specifically for those who cannot consume gluten and other food allergens. Ingredients are 100% GMO Free, freeze-dried, easy to prepare – and delicious! Choose from the following products in a variety of combinations and quantities, all with a 25-year expiry date. Click on images below for more information. Complete details here.

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  • A Word of Wisdom from Reva: “We were evacuated during the Fort McMurray wildfire. Due to road closures we were forced to head north to “nothingness” While the oil sand site was amazing and fed everyone steak dinner from their cafeteria, they had nothing gf except juice boxes. My then 3 year old only had juice for 24 hours until we lucked out and made it south through a 15 minuted window where the fire stopped crossing the road and it was opened. The evacuation centres were fantastic with providing gf food once they knew it was needed, but that only helped when we could reach them. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE learn from my mistake and have ready to eat gf food handy to grab at a moments notice. We now have a stash of energy bars, sesame snaps, etc that are high energy, but light and easy to transport. Don’t assume you will have access to electricity for preparing things. I will forever have mom guilt for putting my little one in such a precarious situation.”

Prepare for Tomorrow – Play Today! A New Way to Think About Total Prepare! 

You may not know it but plenty of West Coast Trail trekkers, kayakers, campers and island-hopping sailors do! Take advantage of having Canada’s #1 Emergency Preparedness Purveyor right here in Victoria!

Head on over to their retail outlet and let Alison amaze you as she did me with their comprehensive inventory of emergency preparedness survival gear that is also perfect for camping, hiking and sailing. Think of it as a great way to make good use of these innovative, smart products while they stand ready to go into action should there be a disaster.

Total Prepare 8

Total Prepare 1Freeze-Dried Emergency Food

Total Prepare also carries a large selection of single-ingredient, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables and plain canned meats that contain just chicken and/or beef and salt that transcend any need for gluten-free certification. Great as school snacks, holiday nibbling or the convenience that processed foods offer – but with the quality of freshly-picked, flash freeze-dried produce. What’s not to love about freeze-dried strawberries, blueberries and more. See Freeze Dried Emergency Food.


Enchilada Beans and Rice

cheese broccoli bake

Cheese and Broccoli Bake

cheese broccoli soup

Cheese and Broccoli Soup


Cheesy Potato Soup


Potato Soup

vegetable rice soup

Vegetable and Rice Soup

Spicy corn chowder

Spicy Corn Chowder

classic chili

Classic Chili

white bean chili

White Bean Chili

Additional Features:

  • Average of 320 calories per serving
  • Manufactured in controlled setting with strict cross contamination measures
  • Simple to prepare – just add water
  • No MSG, No Trans Fat, Low in Fat, No Cholesterol, Good Source of Fiber
  • Lowest cost per serving and calorie in the food storage industry
  • Meals come packaged in 4-serving Mylar pouches with an Oxygen Absorber and a Nitrogen Flush
  • Mylar pouches stored in a stackable, heavy-duty, BPA-free plastic bucket

Total Prepare is Canada’s #1 Source for Emergency Preparedness, Self-Reliance and Longterm Storage

Living in an earthquake zone that is also vulnerable to tsunamis and wild fire, it is critical for those living in Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands – or anywhere else for that matter – to take the time to put together a supply of water and food for emergencies. Everyone needs to put together a grab-and-go bag that will last for 72 hours. In earthquake zones (that’s us!), we need supplies for 7 days.

  • Water purification kits and tablets.
  • Heat and shelter: foil sleeping bags and stoves in a can.
  • Light and communication: crank flashlights and radios.
  • First aid and complete toilet set
  • Store your supplies in your car, office, camper, outside in a shed, or at the front of your garage. NOT in the basement, which you may not have access to.
  • Don’t forget food and supplies for your pets.

TOTAL PREPARE offers a wide range of other survival products and can put together a package to meet your particular needs. Their personal attention can’t be beat. You owe it to yourself to visit Total Prepare (48 Crease Avenue in Victoria), or check out their website for online orders at

Gluten Free Certification

Review Canadian Celiac Association

Review in Canadian Celiac Association Newsletter, Victoria Chapter. July 2015