The Dessert You Never Knew Your Crockpot Could Make

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Crockpot Chocolate Nut Clusters

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“During Christmastime, Aunt Cammie always without fail busts out tins upon tins of her famous crockpot candies (chocolate clusters stuffed with nuts). They’re served at every family gathering, and we end up taking home at least a dozen. My aunt has tinkered with the recipe through the years and has always envisioned making it with higher quality chocolate. She told me, “You can upscale it, and it can be ours!” So that’s exactly what I did.

The first slight change I made: I halved the recipe. If you are planning to gift a bunch of people with this, by all means, double it up. But every year my aunt always ends up with a giant surplus, so I figured it would be nice to scale it down to a reasonable amount of candy. I have served this batch at two get-togethers and still ended up with enough chocolate for one more party.”

Royal Nuts Crockpot Chocolate-Nut Clusters

Royal Nuts

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  • Adapted from Cammie Dale
  • This recipe is really versatile. Make it dairy-free, depending on your family’s and friends’ needs.
  • NOTE:  If you double the recipe, you will need to increase the cook time to 2 hours.


  1. Total of 10 1/2 cups of Royal Nuts. Mix and match! Where to buy Royal Nuts –  Online store
  2. 1 (12-ounce) package of gluten-free milk chocolate or your favourite dairy-free chocolate ie Giddy Yoyo
  3. 1 (12-ounce) package gluten-free (dairy-free) semisweet chocolate ie Giddy Yoyo
  4. 1/4 cup (2 ounces) gluten-free (diary-free) bittersweet chocolate ie Giddy Yoyo

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Toast the nuts in the oven. Raw nuts, no matter what some may tell you, do not taste as good as toasted nuts. With a firmer, crunchier texture and roasted flavor, toasted nuts are the way to go. A little salt with chocolate is heaven; or leave it out if you really can’t stand the sweet-salty combo.

Layer ingredients in slow cooker. I threw half the nuts into the crockpot first, followed by [gluten-free and /or dairy-free] chocolate (three varieties: milk, semisweet, and bittersweet), followed by the second half of nuts, which act as a heating blanket to the top half of the chocolate.

The cover goes on, and the crockpot does all the hard labor for you.Cook on low for 1 hour, or until chocolate melts. Do not open lid. What’s so awesome about a crockpot is it slowly melts the chocolate evenly without burning it.

After 1 hour (watch time carefully — do not overcook or else chocolate will burn and stick), stir mixture. When chocolate has melted down, give it a final stir. Your work here is almost done.

Dole out the chocolate clusters onto wax paper using two teaspoons. The hardest part is letting the chocolate set, which can take several hours and up to overnight. That’s why you should go ahead and get a third teaspoon out to scoop out a “sample.” You won’t be disappointed!”

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