Royal Nuts – Match Made in Gluten-Free, Peanut-Free Heaven!

Gluten-Free Nuts to a Peanut-Free Standard

  • Have you ever used the ‘peanut allergy’ analogy to explain your need to be gluten free? It gets the message across, doesn’t it! Now there is a manufacturer who applies peanut-free standards to ensuring that their nuts, seeds and dried fruit are also gluten-free and safe for celiacs!

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gluten free peanut free nutsWhat’s up – aren’t nuts naturally gluten free?

You’re right! Nuts are naturally gluten free but it’s in their processing that they may come into contact with gluten. Typically, wheat starch or gluten-based starches are added to thicken salt or seasoning solutions. Manufacturers do this so that the seasoning sticks better to the nuts. Royal Nuts does NOT use thickening solutions – full stop. Not only that, Royal Nuts is a dedicated, gluten and peanut-free facility

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Join us in Celebrating a Match Made in Gluten-Free and Peanut-Free Heaven!  

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gluten free dried fruit

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Backstory on Royal Nuts

Proudly Canadian-owned and operated for more than three decades, Royal Nuts began receiving inquiries from their loyal customers about the gluten-free and peanut-free status of their products. This prompted them to reach out to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to learn everything they could about the exacting sourcing, processing, testing and labeling regulations as they applied to peanut free – and gluten free.

Royal Nuts then reached out to each of their suppliers and together, they identified – and committed to – harvesting, processing and packaging protocols that would ensure that all nuts, seeds and dried fruits would be free of gluten or peanuts – from field to product delivery.  

Testing was undertaken to confirm that the standards our communities required were being met – and Royal Nuts was reborn! This Canadian company is the first – and only – purveyor of gluten-free and peanut-free nuts in North America! Royal Nuts products are also certified Kosher and vegan!

Royal Nuts really knows nuts!

Exclusively dry-roasted through prolonged exposure to heated air, not oil. Their unique process bring out the very best flavor, scent and crunch without adding calories or reaching temperatures that compromise healthy nutrients. Unlike oil-roasted nuts, Royal Nuts are perfect for cooking and baking.

Fresh as (gluten-free) bread. Royal Nuts products are roasted every day and delivered to stores at the peak of their freshness. 

Largest-sized nuts from the highest-grade crops, year round. Dry-roasted and hand-packed in their own facility, Royal Nuts consistently offer nuts, seeds and dried fruits that are as beautiful to behold as they are to eat!

Proudly Canadian: Royal Nuts Co. Ltd. | Concord, ON, L4K 3M5 | (905) 669-0100 | Email: [email protected]