Gluten-Free Recipe for Raw, Vegan ‘Timbits!’

gluten free recipe vegan rawDanielle Dewar of ‘Baking it Backwards’ is dedicated to exploring raw, vegan and gluten free alternatives but came upon upon the recipe for Timbits aka donut holes by accident, “I wanted to experiment with dried figs. I never use figs but I love Fig Newton’s so why not?! I have made many desserts with dates and coconut and love them, so I thought it was worth blending my figs, some dates and coconut together for a new tasty mixture. Well, can you say totally awesome? I can! The figs and dates really balance each other out in a great way. I took the mixture over the top with some virgin coconut oil, which made it taste like granola! I fully recommend eating it that way too, by the way!” This recipe is kid-friendly and does not call for dairy, nuts, soy or wheat. Vega , raw and most of all, as easy to makes it is to eat!

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Danielle Dewar is a passionate baker and the woman behind the blog Baking Backwards. Danielle has been tinkering with gluten-free baking for the past three years to improve her health and quality of life. Danielle’s recipes are totally from scratch and she uses no gums, stabilizers and no pre-made flour mixes.