Mountain Rhino Donuts Delivers Gluten-Free Donuts to Calgary


We may be celiacs but that does not mean we don’t love to indulge in deep-fried decadence! Thank you to Mountain Rhino Donuts for their care and attention in bringing gluten-free donuts to the Calgary & Area market. While working in a shared kitchen with gluten products, Mountain Rhino Donuts commits,

“We fry them in separate clean oil, make them with their own dedicated mixer and they even have their own toppings which are all made in house.”

Coming October 2nd, Mountain Rhino Donuts will be in their new kitchen and making crullers to start – all available in regular gluten, gluten-free and dairy-free.

“Our Goal is to bring back quality and freshness to everyday food. We use simple ingredients in interesting ways to make our donuts amazing. Having a little nutter who can’t eat peanuts means we don’t use them or tree nuts at all.”

  • All Natural– if it hasn’t grown in the ground, walked on the earth, or come from something that did, then we don’t use it.
  • No Fakery– these are donuts you have to experience to believe. All made in house with no artificial flavourings or colourings. These are true artisan delights.
  • Some Tomfoolery– we love to have fun in the kitchen and we look forward to introducing you to our unique take on what a donut can be.

Call 403-922-1324 to have Mountain Rhino Donuts delivered from the following changing selection or visit Our Donuts: (scroll down for images)

  • Burnt Butter Maple Glaze with Bacon – Bacon!! Good-bye brown butter – we have upgraded to burnt butter then mix it with pure maple syrup from Quebec and put bacon on it!! Num
  • Macaroon –Our dark chocolate ganache with toasted coconut and drizzled with our home made salted caramel.
  • Black Lava Sea Salt Caramel – Hawaiian Black Lava is a titillating blend of naturally flaky sea salt harvested from the Pacific Ocean, and carbon-rich black lava from Hawaii. We use it to finish off our buttery caramel.
  • Chocolate Dip– Dark Chocolate Ganache so rich and luxurious. Plain Chocolate or with Various Toppings, Chocolate Chips, Coconut, Sprinkles etc
  • Lemon Thyme– You’ve got time for this. The flavours are so good together. Light and airy.
  • Chocolate Esspresso-A beautiful rich Ganache made with Espresso and Dark Chocolate.
  • Haskap Berry– Tastes like a cross between a blueberry, a raspberry and a Saskatoon berry. YUM
  • Cherry Glaze– Beautiful macerated cherries give this donut a great pink colour with dark flecks. We drizzle a cherry reduction on top. Tastes like fresh cherries. When in season we also like to top it off with a fresh pitted cherry.
  • Blackened Blueberry– Both blackberries and blueberries are macerated to also give this donut a deep purple flecked appearance.
  • Yuzu Poppy Seed– Our take on the Lemon Poppyseed. Yuzu tastes like a mix of lemon, mandarin and grapefruit, so we enhance our glaze with the zest of all 3 citrus fruits.
  • S’mores– We use our dark chocolate ganache with a bruleed marshmallow, and a dusting of graham crackers. We make our own marshmallows without using corn syrup.
  • Chai Tea Glaze– We make our own blend of spices to get a Chai Tea with a unique taste that is amazing on a donut.
  • Zombie– A beautiful combination of Lemon and Raspberry.
  • Burnt Butter Maple Glaze with Pure Maple Flakes– All the goodness of the Burnt Butter Maple with a pure maple flake.

Find Mountain Rhino Donuts at the last of the 2017 season’s farmer’s markets. 

  • Sylvan Lake Friday, Septrember 29th 4:00 – 7:30pm (this is the last market for 2017)
  • Millarville Saturday, September 30th 9:00 – 2:00pm (last market for 2017 is October 7th)

This week’s gluten-free offerings (changes weekly):

  • Burnt Butter Maple with Maple Flakes
  • Burnt Butter Maple with Bacon
  • Haskap
  • Zombie
  • Yuzu
  • S’mores
  • Chocolate Dip

Enter to win free donuts!

  • Use #mountainrhinodonuts when posting a picture to your Instagram of you eating our donuts with a comment and we will enter you for a chance to win a free 1/2 dozen at the end of the month

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Mountain Rhino Yuzu Poppy seed, Blackened Blueberry, S’mores and Dark Chocolate Ganache

Gluten-Free Yuzu Poppy Seed, Blackened Blueberry, S’mores and Dark Chocolate Ganache

Mountain Rhino Haskap Berry, Blackened Blueberry and Burnt Butter Maple with Pure Maple Flakes

Gluten-Free Haskap Berry, Blackened Blueberry and Burnt Butter Maple with Pure Maple Flakes

Gluten-Free Burnt Butter Maple with Bacon, Plain Glaze and Dark Chocolate Ganache