Oak Bay Marina Revolutionizes Sunday Brunch

Four Brothers. One Passion. Changing the World.

Four Brothers. One Passion. Changing the World.

When the Screamin Brothers Frozen Dessert Team blew into Victoria last week, they reached out to The Celiac Scene with some special news to share! “Would I have time to meet with them and their point person?” they asked.  They suggested their favourite restaurant – Oak Bay Marina’s Sunday Brunch – as the location. As a celiac, my heart sank!

Oak Bay MarinaYou see, the last time I had tried the Marina’s vaunted Sunday buffet, it was just after my diagnosis in 2003. While everyone returned to the table with platters laden with rich entrées, smothered in sauces and desserts ‘to die for,’ I crunched my way through a bushel full of fresh veggies and teased apart my lonely omelette. Hours later, with my brunch-mates groaning that they could not possibly eat another bite, I was rooting through my purse wishing I had thought to bring along a gluten-free granola bar. Sigh. You know how it is.

Screamin Brothers JR & GrammaI arrived at the restaurant to find J.R. in deep discussion with the head of Screamin Brothers’ Island promotions, Gramma Phyl.  Dawson had already made his way to the buffet and came back with a hefty platter, full of apparently gluten-free food. Given that he had a host of food sensitivities to contend with, among them gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and peanut I felt encouraged.

Did you know that Screamin Brothers’ gluten-free, dairy-free and allergen-free frozen desserts were born out of Dawson’s allergies – and a catastrophe in Haiti? Learn more here!

Screamin BrothersSo emboldened, I trekked to the buffet and was astounded to see a grand display of salads, dressings, cheeses, pickles, soups,  steaming entrées and seafood, with well over half of  them labelled ‘gluten-free!’

Was I dreaming in technicolour? Not since my diagnosis had I been privy to a buffet where I could enjoy as many – and as much – celiac-friendly courses as I did that day!

Bravo Oak Bay Marina! Thank you, Screamin Brothers!

Behold the possibilities below!

Gluten Free Sunday Brunch 1

Gluten Free Sunday Brunch 2

Gluten Free Sunday Brunch 3

Gluten Free Sunday Brunch 4

Gluten Free Sunday Brunch 5

Gluten Free Sunday Brunch 6Gluten Free Sunday Brunch 13

Gluten Free Sunday Brunch 7

Gluten Free Sunday Brunch 8

Gluten Free Sunday Brunch 9

Gluten Free Sunday Brunch 10

Gluten Free Sunday Brunch 14

Gluten Free Sunday Brunch 11

Gluten Free Sunday Brunch 12

And then there was dessert! The only  thing missing from this line-up was Screamin Brothers!

Gluten Free Sunday Brunch 15

Gluten Free Sunday Brunch 16

Gluten Free Sunday Brunch 17

Gluten Free Sunday Brunch 18Screamin Brothers Dessert

Brunch at the Marina runs every Sunday

  • Reservations mandatory, starting at 9am, last seating 1pm.
  • Price: $34.95 Adult to – 13 years, $28.95 Seniors, $17.95 5-12 years, Free under 5 free.
  • Enjoy an a la carte menu (with gluten-free notations)  
    • Lunch: 11:30am until 2:30pm Monday through Saturday.
    • Dinner: 5pm to 9pm
    • Sunday through Thursday: 5pm to 10pm 
  • 1327 Beach Dr, Victoria
  • (250) 598-3369
  • Oak Bay Marina • Facebook • TwitterInstagram

 And what what was Screamin Brothers’ breaking news, you ask?

Get the gluten-free scoop! Coming soon to a freezer near you!