Thankful Thursday! Are You Gluten-Free and Feeling Grateful?


Dan Ketchell – cyclist, cartoonist & recovering celiac!

Dan Ketchell has some great news!  

“I have to celebrate with people that will understand. One year ago my TTG was >250 and biopsy confirmed I have CD. Six months later my TTG was 71. Today, after one year of diligence it’s down to 23!  That was hard work and plenty of education and advice from people like you!”


Thank you, Suzie!

Thank you to the Vancouver Chapter of the CCA

Thank you to the Canadian Celiac Association 

Thank you,  GP friends!

Thank you, Family!

Thank you Kendra M., volunteer with the Vancouver Chapter,  for sending me a link just before we went on our bike trip from London to Paris, after a week in Italy. I was freaking out about dining so it came at a perfect time. It was a link to print cards for restaurants in any language. It was so useful and put me at ease for the trip.

Thank you to The Celiac Scene: you are definitely one of my main sources of advice and help this first year. 

 Dan is already ‘paying us forward!’  Dan discovers Sooke’s best kept Gluten-Free Secret – Route 14!

Let us know what you are grateful for! 


Grateful Dan with Sweetheart Suzie!