Vancouver Island has a 100% Gluten-Free Food Truck!

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The Celiac Scene tracks down Taco Revolution

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Celiacs! Gluten-Free Peep! Our First Food Truck! The rumor mill began with Celiac Mom Audra in Cobble Hill, British Columbia. She reached out to The Celiac Scene about a food truck making claims to gluten free. Within minutes the Celiac Swat Team was marshaled – i.e. I hopped in my Little Smart Car – and braved the treacherous Malahat Pass to meet Audra. What took place was nothing less than a Celiac Stakeout. Taco Revolution was in for a Gluten-Free Grilling!

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PJ presents a platter of their best

They passed with flying colours!

  • Their tortillas are prepared fresh daily at Taco Revolution’s dedicated gluten-free facility. Made with Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free, non-GMO corn flour!
  • Guajillo, Ancho, Achiote, Chipotle spices + cocao are sourced from the dedicated facilities.
  • All other ingredients are sourced fresh, as local as possible and are gluten free from cod to cilantro, carrots to tomatoes!
  • No gluten is allowed on the food truck – full stop!

With these assurances under our belts, Audra and I instructed Taco Revolution to provide us with their very best – a carefully curated pot pourri of Chorizo con Papas, Tinga Vegetarian and Tasty Tasty Fish Taco.

In anticipation of the potential momentousness of the occasion, I had come prepared with china, cutlery – and champagne. Audra and I bravely took one for the Team, enjoying our First Ever Gluten-Free Food Truck Experience!

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Owners PJ and Michell

The tacos were delicious – and our tummies remained delighted for the next 24 hours!

We shared our pure joy with rather surprised owners PJ and Michell by popping the cork!

Gluten-free is business as usual for Taco Revolution and pure joy for every diner living in or traveling to Vancouver Island, whether they are gluten free or not.  Just another day in Gluten-Free Paradise!

Taco Revolution is always on the move. Find them anywhere from Cobble Hill to Duncan to Whippletree Junction to Nanaimo to Downtown Victoria or at a festival near you. Check the Events Schedule for Today’s Location!
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Taco-Revolution-300-x-250-RedFrom Mexico City to a street near you – the Taco Revolution is here, there and everywhere! Tacos once found only under a hot Mexican sun can now be enjoyed along the gorgeous shores of Vancouver Island. Every item is handmade from scratch … and sourced to be gluten free! Tacos so good you will want them every day, and that’s okay! It’s okay to eat tacos every day!

Every taco served has been pulled from Mexico City’s street culture, spiced with authentic Mexican peppers – Guajillo, Ancho, Achiote, Chipotle  – to be shared with us. It is time to taste a taco as it was meant to be – gluten free – and from a Food Truck! A true north Taco Revolution!

Taco Revolution Website • Instagram • Facebook • Twitter • Check the Events Schedule for Today’s Location!

Tacos al Pastor

Tacos al Pastor

Tacos al Pastor – The King of the Mexico City street taco: Pork loin cut thin and slowly marinated with Guajillo and Ancho peppers, Achiote paste and a slew of herbs and spices; cooked on a vertical spit and served with roasted pineapple, onion and fresh cilantro and salsa. Taco Revolution is but one of two restaurants in British Columbia to offer this very special dish – the other is in Vancouver.

Chorizo con Papas

Chorizo con Papas

Chorizo con Papas – Taco Revolution’s very own Chorizo fried up crispy and delicious with potato and onion. Finished with cilantro and salsa.

Tinga Vegetariana

Tinga Vegetariana

Tinga Vegetariana – The cabbage, carrot, onion trio allowed to simmer along with tomato, chipotle and garlic. Topped with lettuce, feta cheese, and crema

Tasty Tasty Fish Taco

Tasty Tasty Fish Taco

Tasty Tasty Fish Taco – Fresh cod lovingly marinated in lime and spices then seared up on grill. Placed on a tortilla along with fresh cabbage, crema, and chipotle.

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