Honeycomb.ai Restaurant App Gets the Difference Between Gluten-Free and Celiac-Safe

Honeycomb App differentiates celiac vs GFDining out! Do you dread the process?

• Calling ahead to ask all the right questions in hopes of surviving – let alone enjoying – a gluten-free meal?
• Do restaurants even bother answering your emails?
• Do you trust your server to understand your questions?
• Do they get the difference between gluten-free vs celiac-safe prep?

Are you worn out with ‘gluten-friendly’ menu options that aren’t safe for celiacs? So is Honeycomb. They get it. Diners eating gluten free as a personal eating choice are different than celiacs like us who NEED to eat gluten-free. How so? Cross-contamination – the fastest way to get ‘glutened.’

Honeycomb helps us to find 100% gluten-free restaurants and after that, restaurants with excellent gluten-free protocols in place ie. those with dedicated fryers, separate prep areas and utensils.

It gets better! Honeycomb curates the menu so we only see the dishes we can eat! Honeycomb filters menus  and dials you into the  dishes you can enjoy – in the ways we need them to be!

Honeycomb sources top level information, straight from restaurants. Have the restaurant’s dietary policy and prep information at your fingertips – for all your dietary restrictions. Gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, vegetarian, vegan. We are special and Honeycomb makes us feel that way!

Finally – enjoy reviews from other celiacs – diners with the same needs we have. Diners just like us.

Dinner is served!

For the price of ordering a single meal that did not work out, the Honeycomb app can prevent it from ever happening again.

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As a Honeycomb early adopter, you will receive the following:
• Lifetime access to our premium app on iOS and Android
• Your custom Honeycomb dietary profile to use across all of our services
• Early beta access to future versions of the app
• Access to deals available through our partners before anyone else
• Direct feedback: for example, if we don’t support an ingredient, we’ll do our best to add it to our development queue


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Getting glutened is a thing of the past!

• Forget about being an ingredient investigator.
• Find restaurants that suit our needs and have verified protocols in place for keeping us safe.
• Discover exciting and delicious dishes from curated restaurants that match our preferences – and our cravings.

Honeycomb has done the homework for us!

The first and only restaurant app to intelligently and accurately filter menus according to dietary requirements, allergens and intolerances.

By selecting the ‘celiac diet,’ the app will only show us verified restaurants in our area that have dedicated gluten-free food prep or are 100% gluten-free. Learn more here.

Honeycomb’s AI-powered app finds searches through 25,000 possible dietary combinations and recommendations from over 2,500 cities in Canada, across the United States and Australia.

How the App Workshoneycomb how it works

  • Combine Diets and Allergens – Personalize your restaurant search to your dietary restrictions with over a 9 diets and 29 allergy or intolerance options.
  • View Suitable Dishes – See all the dishes you can eat at each restaurant. With thousands of restaurants and a full range of cuisines, you’re sure to find something safe to eat.
  • Connect, Order, Eat – Get the food you want by connecting to the restaurant, ordering services or directions. Honeycomb interfaces with UberEats, DoorDash & Skip the Dishes!

Ultra-Personalize Your Diet

Choose the diet or diet combinations just right for you!

2 dietary combinations are available on the web-based app. Multiple combinations are available on the mobile app.

9 honeycomb diets
honeycomb app celiac diet

• Vegan
• Gluten-Free
• Keto
• Vegetarian
• Celiac
• Paleo
• Fodmap
• Halal
• Kosher

• Choosing ‘Gluten-Free’ will recommend restaurants that have gluten-free menu options available.
• Choosing ‘Celiac’ will treat wheat and gluten as severe allergies and will only recommend restaurants that are 100% gluten-free or have procedures in place to mitigate cross-contamination.

honeycomb allergies intolerances

Mark Severe Allergies and Intolerances

Select individual ingredients marked to be avoided, either as a preference, intolerance or a severe allergy. Depending on how you mark an ingredient, we will show you needed information about a dish and a restaurant accordingly.

  • High FODMAP
  • Non-Ketogenic
  • High Sugar
  • Gluten
  • Protein – Beef • Other Red Meat • White Meat • Pork • Fish • Tofu • Shellfish
  • Dairy & Animal Products – Dairy • Cheese • Honey • Eggs
  • Nuts, Beans & Seeds – Peanuts • Tree Nuts • Soy • Sesame
  • Fruits, Vegetables & Flavours – Fruit • Garlic • Potato • Nightshades • Spicy Food • Mushrooms • Onions • Legumes
  • Grains – Rice • Wheat • Corn

Note: If gluten or wheat are marked, the app “will only recommend restaurants that are 100% gluten-free or restaurants that mitigate cross-contamination of these ingredients with dedicated food preparation methods.”

Wait! There’s more!

Playlists of Restaurants: Save & Share

  • Discover restaurants and create your bucket lists to eat out, for yourself, with your friends or for others.

Empower Others with Diets Similar to Yours

  • Share your list through the Honeycomb app, or through your social media.

Group Mode: Find Restaurants That Meet The Needs of Friends & Family

  • Eating out is more fun with friends and family but everybody has their own preferences. Find restaurants and explore menus based on you and 9 of your friends’ need through group mode. Menus will be curated to show options that fit your group’s dietary needs.

Nutrition & Fitness Goals

  • View Nutritional Information & Recommendations for many restaurants

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